Matted Wedding Albums

The pendulum has begun to swing the other way.  We are now finding that there are brides who simply want traditional wedding albums.  We've made over 500 of them! We've  had tremendous success with the Renaissance line of traditional wedding albums, and with the very, very beautiful Leather Craftsmen albums.  

Renaissance Albums

The Renaissance is one of the most common matted albums available.  Photos of various size fit into the mats, and the mats slide into the album.  There are various colors and styles of these albums.  In the example in the photo to the right, this is one of the most common albums sold for the past 20 years.  The black and silver combination is one of the most striking combinations for wedding albums The black mats set the photos of so perfectly.  When we meet you'll see examples of this style of album and other Renaissance albums. 




 DSC 0035
Leather Craftsmen albums are amazing. They are the most custom made albums you will find.  Made by hand in New York.    That being said they are without a doubt the most expensive albums we offer.  There is a steep learning curve for those who never have worked with Leather Craftsmen  before.   Though the company has come a long way in the past decade the fact remains that less and less brides are buying wedding albums.    Seriously, these are the nicest matted wedding albums available.  The company charges for each image placed into the album.  Thus if you want to have over 100 images in your album it will be very expensive.  There are so many cool and wonderful options available with these albums.  We can walk you through it and discuss all your options.  If you want the best, and won't compromise this is it!
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