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Beach Weddings, Southern California

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We have a rather extensive wedding venue review for La Palapa.  The bottom line is that we love this place.  I really liked this wedding  It was on a day that was simply amazing.  This package is an example of the Oxford Package.    What I love about La Palapa is that it has two speeds.  The ceremony site on the beach is a dream wedding site.   If you live in California you've toyed at least once with the idea of having sand under your toes as you exchange vows.   It's all part of the very laid back aspect of the wedding venue.  But then you go upstairs and go to the Del Mar Room and it's like a snazzy hotel wedding reception.  Not to mention that the food is excellent!


This is the first draft of the bridal album.  I haven't done the final retoucing.  One of the ceremony photos is one I just love.  In the reflection of the bride's eyes you can see the groom.  It was simply amazing.  This couple is yet another beautiful bridal couple.  How did we get so lucky to have all these wonderfly beatuiful people as clients?    We don't know but we love it!  The bride's name is Nicole (we had something like five Nicole's last year).  Nicole was another simply beautiful bride.  And her sister was a riot!   She was talking about how much she liked Blake at Station Identification.  The owners are good friends of ours, Robert and his wife Stephanie.


Anyway, lovely place, lovely people, check out the last shot in the album!






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