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Coverage as unique as you are.


Wedding Day Coverage

We are proud to offer three different approaches to your wedding photography coverage.   It runs the spectrum from simple, elaborate, to premium coverage.


Starting at $300

This coverage is ideal for many brides who simply want good, clean, simple coverage.  The brides who select this style of coverage are often considering asking a family member or friend photograph their wedding but want something certain.  Their wedding is too important to have their photography left in the hands of someone not up to the task.   This package is best utilized by someone who is having a simple backyard wedding.  Or perhaps they are trying to maximize their wedding photography budget.   If a professional photographer is needed for a short period of time this is also a wonderful option.  There is only one photographer with this package, the minimum coverage is three hours.




Starting at $595

There are fundamental differences between our simplicity coverage and our elaborate coverage.  The preparation for your wedding is more detailed.  The gear used is more extensive and what you get afterwards is considerably different. 

If your wedding photography is a priority, and/or you're having a day with many moving pieces this is the perfect choice for you.  You may chose between half-day or full day coverage.  You may also choose between one and two photographer options.





This is a form of coverage that is beyond the needs of most of the bridal couples we meet with.  We've done weddings for some fantastic photographers in the past and they can get very particular about the coverage that they are looking for.  This package has two or three photographer coverage with a six hours minimum coverage. 

Wedding Albums

With our coverage you're free to make albums anywhere.   There are places online or membership wholesale warehouse stores where you can make a wedding album.

When we make albums there is a night and day difference between what we offer and the value priced wedding albums you'll  find elsewhere. The build quality and longevity of the albums we offer mean that you'll enjoy it for many years and it will  ultimately become a valued family heirloom.   The albums we offer vary in shapes, sizes, covers,  page capacity and of course price.  Every year there are new, exciting options for wedding albums.  It just gets better all the time!  When we make albums for our clients we go the extra mile cleaning up the images so that people look their personal best. 

The one thing we've learned from our clients after many years of making wedding albums is that the wedding becomes a  huge ordeal causing our bridal couples to put their lives on the back burner.  When  the wedding is over they have to get back to their lives.  Worrying about one more task from the wedding just isn't feasible.  What we've learned from our clients is that they want to be included in the album design processes but they want to do it when the time is right for them.  When the time is right, we'll have a design meeting, and go over all the different album options, and prices.  This is far better than trying to do this ahead of the wedding. 



When it comes to wedding albums, Lifetime Images has the finest selection available.  From magazine albums to Italian books to matted albums we've got you covered. When your wedding is finished, and you're ready we'll cover all the many exciting options that are available to you.  Until then you have a wedding to plan for and have about a zillion of other things to worry about.  

Wedding Photography Image from Lifetime Images



The Fine Art Series offers unmatched quality and value, displaying your wedding in one of the world’s most amazing books.  It’s little surprise these are some of our top selling packages. Our couples simply fall in love with the beauty of these books and enjoy retelling the story of their wedding day with family and friends in a stunning format certain to impress.
The packages feature in-house custom designed layouts, which are then handcrafted in Italy. The books include custom photo covers and the highest quality printing in the world.  Every order is custom-made and offers numerous upgrade options like distinctive covers, papers, protective lamination, and copies in all sizes. 
 italian albums
Think these books are special enough to hold the story of your big day? Discover for yourself!


 Traditional Albums

Every once in a while we get a client who wants nothing more than a traditional album.  Yes, we are amazed when they ask for them too. Anyway, if this is you, don't worry, we've got you covered.  From the industry standard traditional bridal albums to ones that are more custom made than the magazine albums we offer. 




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