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18001 Yorba Linda Blvd.

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

 (714) 993-5075

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The Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, one of Southern California’s most exciting venues, a stunning replica of the historic White House East Room, is now available for private functions.  Whether you’re holding a corporate event, wedding, non-profit fund-raiser or association meeting, the Nixon Library offers your guests an unparalleled experience.
Your event will begin with a cocktail reception in the First Lady’s Rose Garden before moving into the magnificent White House East Room.  Watch eyes light up as guests enter America’s Grand Ballroom for candlelight dining and dancing beneath magnificent crystal chandeliers, surrounded by golden silk draperies and imported marble fireplaces. Additionally, your guests will also enjoy Orange County's largest public rose garden and reflecting pool.
Our full-service catering kitchen plays host to the area’s finest caterers who often re-create White House state dinners and build Presidential menus featuring the favorite cuisines of our nation’s first families.
When you book your event at the Nixon Library, our event specialists will help you choose local florists, caterers and entertainers to make your event an occasion your guests will never forget. Call us today to schedule a consultation or a walk-through: 714.364.1181

What Type Of Bridal Couple Would Like This Place?

We've been covering events at this venue for years.  With the remodeling that it underwent a few years back this place has transitioned from good to great for a wedding venue location.  Some things you should keep in mind is that this place is available for rent for wedding ceremony only (go elsewhere for your reception),  wedding ceremony and reception, reception only, or you can simply rent the grounds for a couple of hours for photographs only. 
Located in Yorba Linda this facility is very much eye catching!  It has water, greenery, incredible interiors, overall, it has a lot going for it!   The wedding receptions used to be held in the lobby of the Library and for some strange reason they didn't air condition the place in the evening and thus I have some great images of brides sitting on top of fans to cool themselves off.  Today, with the new White House East Room that is all a thing of the past.  This room is gorgeous, and will compete with any four star hotel ballroom you can find. 
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You don't need to know much about politics to have a wedding reception here.  And yes many die hard Democrats still find the Nixon Library a wonderful place to get married.  Instead of focusing on how his presidency ended lets focus on the positive aspects of his administration. If you study national politics you can often feel that California is the red headed step child at a family picnic.  It's often east coast centric in nature and California is a die hard blue state that is often the butt of jokes about our people and culture.   Nearly every American kid says at one time or another that they would like to be president when they grow up.  You may agree but do you really believe it?  When you visit the Nixon Library and see the home he was born in, well, maybe it is true, any American born child  can grow up to  be president.    His first home looks like it was a tool shed in the back of library.   Small is not the word.   Nixon was a Quaker, you remember that they fled England and came to America on the Mayflower?.  Nixon's parents helped start a Quaker church now know as Friends Church in Yorba Linda (no longer Quaker). Nixon was educated locally and practiced law locally.  He was a lieutenant commander in the US Navy in WWII..  As president, along with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger they had an amazing foreign policy program that we continue to benefit from.  When the two largest communist super-powers, the Soviet Union and China split on differences in 1969, these men seized  the opportunity to normalize relations with China.  This was huge win.  Nixon established a peace treaty with Vietnam, thus ending the war.  We had space programs, a little communication with the Russians, Roe Vs Wade (Pat Nixon, Richard's wife was an outspoken supporter of legalized abortion, though Republican), support for Israel, integration in schools and so many other things. This was a very busy time for the United States.  Above anything, Nixon's Quaker views caused him to believe that racism was American's greatest moral failure.  Many of the liberal democratic programs started under Johnson's presidency were continued and expanded under the Nixon administration.  
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So when you think of the names Richard Nixon Library what do you think of?  Retired former Whitehouse aides dressed in white serving lemonade to senior citizens in a slightly nicer version of a public library?    It's actually a lovely place, just short of amazingly beautiful.   It's not so much of a shrine to Nixon as it is a place to really look back and reflect upon the times.  What has impressed me were letters hand written or typed with words  crudely crossed out. It's just a reminder how simple the times were back then.  Even the legendary helicopter where he made the famous V pose while getting off just doesn't look as majestic when you see it in person   It's not to say it's underwhelming, it just gives you a feeling that they United States has continued to evolve, and we as Americans have grown more sophisticated.
The net/net of this Library is that if you have your wedding here you don't have to be a staunch republican, nor does it say anything about your views of Richard Nixon.    The Mission Inn in Riverside is also much sought after for weddings,.  Would you believe the owner is a huge supporter of the Republican National Committee?  Does it matter?  How about the Disneyland Hotel for another example.   Disney was the first major corporation to extend health benefits to partners of it's gay employees.  Some people are still furious about this.  While, for the majority of the public, it's the happiest place on earth.  Does holding a wedding at The Disneyland Hotel have anything to do with your views of gay rights?  Does it need to?  In the same perspective, the Nixon Library is a beautiful place to have a wedding reception.  For me, I would be delighted to have my wedding and reception at the Nixon Library. Many, many, many other people feel the same way.  It's not about politics, it's about a wedding day vision.richard nixon library wedding photograph yorba linda ca 8

Photographic Potential

I've been photographing weddings at the Nixon Library for years.   I love this place.  Modern Bride magazine  used one of my images of  a couple in front of the reflecting pond  and ran it in their "Picturesque places in Southern California."  It was supposed to run once, it ran a few times.  This place has such  a distinct look.  It's mostly on one story, and yet photographically we can get so many different looks.  There are so many different areas to use. There is this incredible lawn the is simply amazing for outdoor ceremonies.  I would love to use it if I were to get married out doors. The one thing that for me took this from a good to an exceptional place to hold a wedding reception is the East Room.   One of our groom's had an uncle that was in the secret service, and had been to the real East Room at the White House.  He said it was an exact replica.  I've been in some of the nicest rooms in the nicest hotels. this one is the very best you'll find.  It's what many presidents have used to entertain foreign dignitaries.  it has to be a tad bit opulent, yet refined.   
One of the things that I think about is that our average bride really can't move around as much as she would like in her wedding dress.  When you show up to a venue in shorts and a t-shirt and a nice comfortable pair of shoes, sure you can walk around all day long all over the property.  When you're in that wedding dress on a summer day, it's a different story.  Things that once seem close are not longer that close.  Thus, when you have a property like the Nixon Library, one that is flat, not too large, and easy to walk around, and best of all different and lovely at each turn, what's not to like about this place?
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Possible Distractions/ Work Around

The library is open to the public at times when portraits may be taken, and thus you may have to be patient as people move out of backgrounds.  Since it's inland it can get very hot on hot summer days. 

Overall Evaluation

It's not a golf course wedding venue, and it's not a hotel wedding.  venue.  This place falls into a category all by itself.  The staff is really wonderful to work with, and their preffered coordinator Ashley Powell is the hardest working, best organized coordinator I've ever seen.  The Nixon Library is truly and asset to Orange County.  Some of the very nicest wedding venues in the world are located in Orange County, there is some very stiff competition.  The Nixon Library is yet another place that helps drive Orange County to the top of the list of nicest places in the United States to get married. You can really have a distinct and memorable wedding at the Nixon Library.  It's near the 91 and 55 Freeways, and easy to find.   It's location makes it ideal for weddings bringing people in from Los Angeles to San Diego.   You can take the 15 up from San Diego cutting off much of the coastal traffic.   Coming out of the valley you can take the 210  east and avoid the 5 all together.    If you are looking into venues in Orange County, do yourself a favor and check this place out!  Two big thumbs up for the Nixon Library!
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