Linley-Scott House

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720 East Foothill Boulevard

Azusa, CA 91702


(626) 334-5215


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The Lindly Scott House is  a find.  Located in Azusa it’s  a historic house that features an outdoor  ceremony site and a fairly good sized ballroom.   Staffed by mostly college kids, it’s a great place for the right kind of people.  It's a Georgian-style home built in 1911 by famed architect Robert D. Farquhar.
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What Type Of Bridal Couple Would Like This Place?

This place seems like it would appeal to local residents of the Azusa area.   Perhaps many former students of Azusa Pacific would like this place since it is so close to campus and they may have been to this facility before.    I can also see it appealing to bridal couples who want the price range of a golf course wedding without the golf course itself.  It's a good, clean, safe facility.   It features a gazebo outdoor ceremony facility and an inside wedding reception venue.  I will say that again, an indoor wedding reception venue.  This in and of itself is it's greatest asset.   You can literally use this facility year round and weather would never be a factor.

Photographic Potential

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There is a large grass lawn in the front of the home which is great for giving that golf course touch of green, and a nice set of steps  at the front of the home which is ideal for group shots.   There is an outdoor location on the other side of the house that has a gazebo and is used for outdoor weddings.    It’s  very close to the room where the reception is held which is ideal if you have older guests.


The Interior

The new ballroom which they recently added over the past couple of years is very nice!  It can easily hold 150 people, which is large enough for the average sized weddings we’ve seen.  The interior photographs nicely, and provides the opportunity to make some very nice images.  I can’t recall the food, which probably means that it was good.  I can easily remember bad food.
Possible Distractions/ Work Around
For photography you have to be careful not to get the street or parking lots in the background.  It can also get quite warm in Azusa in the summertime.
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Overall Evaluation

The photographic opportunities are somewhat limited at this location.   It takes a creative eye to take what is available and make it look outstanding.   Still, overall, it’s a very nice place, and fairly affordable.   There are a lot of college kids who work at this place.  That being said they seem to work very hard to make the events come off well.  I can appreciate the effort that they put out and they really do seem to care.  Still if you're looking for a white linen upscale wedding venue this isn't the place.  If,  however you look at wedding venues as a place for people to gather and you look at venues for potential for fun this place has it.  
The historical house theme is pretty well played out in Southern California.    There are places like the Muckenthaler Cultural Center that feature large property, and nicer amenities.  You could nearly fit the entire Lindly Scott House property on the front grass of the Muckenthaler.  So why would you want to have a wedding ceremony and /or reception here?   Perfect example, we did a wedding in Riverside at another historical home that is legendary for very poor customer service. The grounds at this place are lovely however.  It was an August wedding, and the temperatures reached around 105 degrees on this one particular wedding day.  The bride had a guest list of around 100 people, and as the guests figured out that the ceremony and reception were both outside the the thought of wearing their Sunday best, and going to Riverside to be treated extreme heat was something that didn't sound good.  The expectation is that if you have a wedding for the most part guests want to be treated comfortably. If they are going to be placed in a situation where they potentially may feel uncomfortable for extended periods of time, they won't show up.  This is exactly what happened at this wedding.  Nearly half the 100 guests didn't bother to show up.  You can imagine how insulting this is as a bride to pay for meals for guests who agree to show up, but at the last minute don't show up.  
If you sign up for the Lindly Scott House you can tell your guests that this place has great air conditioning if your wedding is in the summertime. You can also tell them that you won't make them stay out in the heat for long periods of time if the temperature is unseasonably warm.  If you are attracted to historical home venues, and want a summer wedding (or early fall) I would put Lindly Scott at the top of your list.
   Overall,  Check it out!
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