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Can you please explain these packages in more detail?


Before the wedding

Our commitment to you, in writing- You will NOT have to worry about your wedding photography.  You are covered by licensed and insured professional wedding photographers with nearly two decades of experience.   The entire scope of what we offer you is written in plain English in a contract.  You will have the opportunity to take the contract home and read it, and ask questions.   You will not have to worry about bait and switch or high pressure sales tactics.  These packages speak for themselves.
A Chance to meet with your photographer-  We know how important your wedding is to you and the large roll your wedding photography will be on your big day.  You will want to make certain that your vision of your wedding day is something your photographer can capture, and have a good feeling that your photographer will be attentive to your needs.  Most importantly you'll want to have a great game plan for your wedding day so that you make the most of your time to get the best images possible  You will have an opportunity to meet with your photographer, get confidence in their ability and get a fantastic game plan that you'll feel wonderful about!
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On your wedding day

We want you to embrace your wedding day, have a memorable service, enjoy friends and family and have wonderful times.  You will not be held captive to a never ending photo session, nor constantly asked to be removed from your wedding for "just another picture."  We will be efficient with your time, respectful to your church, your family and your guests.  We will work hard to make your day run smoothly and make the photo sessions fun.  When its time to take photos  the photo sessions will run smoothly and we'll keep them to a minimum.  We will cover enough of your wedding day to do justice to your wedding in your wedding album.

After your wedding

We're only getting started!  For nearly a week after your wedding we're still living it.  While your wedding is fresh in our minds we're adjusting your images so they look their best, categorizing them so you can find them easily later on, backing them up in multiple ways so that if you should ever lose your images we've got you covered. You do get all your images taken at your wedding in high resolution, with a written release.
When it comes time to make your album your wedding is still fresh in our minds because it occurred days earlier.  This is the best time to create a layout because we clearly remember who was important to you and the events as they transpired.  Often we're on a wedding high and making a layout of your wedding while we're still buzzing on your wedding is a total blast!
Before your wedding album gets made you'll get a change to see your layout and make some changes.
Our goal is to have your album back to you within 28 days of your wedding, when it's still fresh on everybody's mind. As your seeing friends and family as a newly married couple how wonderful will it be to also have your wedding album?
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The M1 and M2  packages come with a wrap around photo cover, what does this mean?

There is a photo that goes all the way around the front cover, its under a semi tough type of plastic.  You don't have to worry about getting it dirty.  You can wipe it down without affecting the album's cover.  These type of covers were a premium upgrade until recently.


Do I get all the high resolution images?

Yes, they aren't marked with our company logo on the images and you are free to make prints from them.  We've made beautiful 20"x30" prints from them.   You will also get a written release so that you can go get prints made at various places on your own without having to work through us.  The images are also color balance and categorized to find them quickly.  

I need parent albums, are they an option?

Yes, they are available for sale for a low price for one and a great price for a set.  And you can order as many as you like.  The thing that we do that is fantastic is that we don't demand that you buy them upfront.  In fact many of our clients contact us months after the wedding to order them as Mother's day or Father's day gifts, holiday gifts, or birthday gifts.  It's super easy for us to add them on and ship them to you.

Do you travel for this package?

The package is set up for Southern California but we're available to travel.  We don't cover the cost of travel but we're reasonable with our accommodation requests.

The M2 has a "Metallic set of pages" what does this mean?

This is a special type of paper that tends to almost have a printed on chrome type of appearance. It really make the book come alive and is something that certainly gets people talking.  You have to see it, you'll flip over it!

Does this package come with video?

We get this question  a lot, the answer is that this is that we don't offer video services at this time nor do we plan to offer them in the future.

Are there Sunday/off-season/Military/Teacher/ First Responder discounts?

We designed the M Series packages to be the best deal up front.   The way we look at it is that everybody gets the Sunday and Military discounts.   We certainly do appreciate the work that the military, teachers and first responders do on behalf of our country.  Thank you for your service!

How long will the album last?

This is a good question because we actually have warehouse club store albums that have started to fall apart within about five years.  If you're planning to stay married for life you need an album that will make it through the journey and further.  The estimates we've seen is that these albums can last 100 years if not longer depending how they are stored.  They need to be stored, in a cool,dry and preferably dark place. 
Our demo albums see their fair share of abuse.  They get handled by many people, tossed around a bit, sometimes left in warm cars.  All things that wear on an album.  So far they are holding up well.

What if I need more time than what comes with the package?

There is a relationship with the amount of time that comes with the package and the amount of page sides that come with the package.  The amount of coverage that comes with the M1 package is more than enough to give us enough images to make a nice album.  The M2 package has more hours of coverage and thus 10 more pages are required.  If you need more coverage you'll also most likely need more album pages.  These albums hold a maximum capacity of 60 page sides. At 60 page sides you'll have far more coverage than a typical wedding needs. If this is still not enough such as with Indian weddings that last for days then we'll have to create custom packages for you with Italian albums that can hold 100 page sides.

Will you ship the albums to us out of state?

Free shipping is included inside the continental United States.  We do not cover postage or duties for shipping outside of the United States. 

Do you charge sales tax?

The prices listed do not cover the cost of sales tax.  If you live outside of California and we ship your album out of state you do not have to pay sales tax.  There are no cash discounts and we cannot wave paying sales tax.

Can we pay with a credit card?Hilton Long Beach Wedding Photography Image from Lifetime Images

The preferred payment options are with cash or check.  We have ways of accepting credit cards and Chase Quick Pay.

When will I get my DVD?

Assuming you're current on your payments you'll have your DVD within two weeks of the wedding.


I want some special images to be included in my album, how do I let you know?

As long as we work it out in advance it shouldn't be a problem.  Sometimes you have special relatives or friends who travel a long way and you want to not only make a point of taking a picture with them but also including them in the album.  Just let us know and we'll work this out.


My venue requires that our vendors have proof of insurance, do you have this?


How late do you stay at our wedding?

We stay as long as required in the time frame of the package.  If you need us past 11 PM we'll need to work this out in advance.
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