The Momentum Packages

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The Momentum packages are the most exciting packages we’ve ever offered!  More than a new set of packages at amazing prices we’ve turned wedding photography upside down to create something that innovative, affordable and easy.  Within 28 days of your wedding you’ll have a stellar wedding album in your hands, right when people are most excited to see it!  Here’s how it works:


Information Meeting-  The first step is an information meeting so that we can find out more about you and your wedding plans.   We’ll explain to exactly how the packages work, what’s included and how it would fit in your day.  The M Series packages are not bait and switch packages, we really do want to sell them.  You are free to buy the base package or customize it to your day.


Album planning prior to your wedding-  We actually start planning for your wedding album before your wedding, it goes hand in hand in planning for your photography.  It’s not a generic album layout , the album is custom made for your wedding, and you will be in charge of the flow and direction of your album.  As your wedding plans change your album plans can change as well.  You can even change things about your album on your wedding day, these packages are amazingly flexible.


Enjoy your honeymoon while we make your album!   Ask your friends who are married how long it took to get their album.  Six months, a year, two years?   That sucks!   The first month of after your wedding is fabulous because you’ll be hooking up with friends and family and giving the recap of your wedding.  Just imagine if you had your wedding album in your hands, the stories would be even better with a breathtaking album to help tell the story of your day.


Where’s the catch?

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Lifetime Images is an International Award winning wedding photography studio located in the heart of Southern California.  We’ve charged over $6000 for our wedding photography services in the past.  In 2008 we started on an efficiency campaign while improving our standards.  We figured out a way to become amazingly efficient while still making custom album layouts.  Because we can do it faster we can charge less.  We also negotiated an amazing price with our album supplier which helps you save money.  


There aren’t any gotchas.  With these packages there are no discounts of any type (military, first responders, Sundays).  There is sales tax we collect for the package.  We don’t twist your arm to sign up, nor do we hold wedding dates with the exception of giving you seven days to return your contract.  


The right packages, right now!


There are a million wedding photography websites that say “Investment- Packages start at $3200.”  Lovely stuff, but in today’s world many brides are looking to save the money and have their friends photograph their wedding.   Sometimes the buddy that does you a favor charges more than we do with no experience, no real equipment, and no albums.  This is a favor?    

Instead of experimental wedding photography go with an industry leader for the past 17 years at prices you can afford. The packages are configurable so that you can get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.


Each package comes with generous amounts of coverage and your high resolution images on DVD.  We have highly cost effective upgrades to enhance the packages.  Your ablum is giong to be seen by a lot of people so it has to be excellent. Our goal is to give you albums, photography and services worth far more than what you pay.



Places to go

M1 Package- Find out more information about the M1 Package ($995)

M2 Package- Find out more information about the M2 Package ($1495)

Sapphire Package- The Sapphire Package is an upscale version of the M2 Package.

Price List- Go back to the main price list page



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