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Was the dress white and gold or blue or black?  Somehow the world needed this debate. I was looking at this image from a recent wedding yesterday.   It looks like it was in Maui but it was on a hilltop in San Bernardino.   This is a typical problem that I have to deal with.  The bride is wearing a white dress, a blue veil and has a flowergirl also wearing blue.  But in reality we know that they were both white.

I used a flash that had the same color temperature as broad daylight.  But we don't always get the luxury of working in true broad daylight.  In this image the color of the light from the flash was slightly different than the daylight.  The flash was brighter on the left side of the image than on the right.  Thus the bride's veil is slightly blue and so is the flower girl's dress.  To make things a bit more confusing the bride's dress was slightly off white.  The flower girl's dress was pure white.   

So, what does this all have to do with the internet controversy?  What you can see from this image is that shadows tend to reflect blue.  I can't tell you have many times I've seen blue tinted  wedding dresses.  It's a very common problem, especially in open shade.  I've seen this problem so many times that I am conditioned to see white and gold.  But without seeing more of the image I can't really tell for certain.  It looks like it was taken in a shadow which leads me to suspect white and gold.

When you look at the image above you see enough of the image to feel comfortable with certain assessments.  The sky is blue, the grass is green, the skintones look correct, the flowers look believable.  You tend to let go of the fact that slight shades of blue show up in the wrong places.  But who knows, maybe someone will cut out just the bride from this image and ask why she decided to wear a blue veil?  



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