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What do Michael Kors, Hollister UK, Monsters Beats,  Oakley and a few other companies have in common?  They ruined my old website! Lifetime Images old website suffered a slow death.  The problem was that spambots hit our website and filled out the contact form sometimes 40 times a day!  Our database got loaded and then compromised with the spam. Now our contact form though not that exciting has a verification code at the end of it.The Grand Long Beach Event center bride.

The old website was actually started at a previous hosting company. It's foundation wasn't that great  The site was slow and had problems.  I didn't really want to add content to it because it was a mess.  It was like the old website was like a beach house on the ocean.  There's an amazing view and you really wanted to invite your friends over.  But you have a crazy roommate and  you don't feel comfortable having guests over with him around.   That's how I felt about the website.

This website is new, rebuilt from the ground up.  The articles moved over but some of the links have changed.  Some of the images are missing (we're looking for problems as they arise) and various other small problems persist.   We actually have a developer working on the site to help fix these issues. Some things have changed.   The site load amazingly fast on PC's, but needs help on phones.   The Wedding Venue Review section is being worked on.  There are actually some reviews that have been offline for a while that will come back.  It's actually going to be a very cool section, and very attractive, it sucks for the time being.   I am getting to it.   This project of the website conversion was supposed to take two weeks, I did it in around four days.  

The real story here is that this website is about moving forward.  I have so much to share, so many images, so many stories, so much cool stuff that I wanted to have a website that can display it all.  Not something that is crippled.   I also wanted the user experience to be night and day better.   As we roll into the busy time of the year for weddings and photography I wanted a website that will allow me to show what I've been up to.  I am super excited about the rebooted  Though it it may look similar to the old site. it's an amazing step forward!



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