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Created: Thursday, 29 May 2014

Love is a 'Battlefield.'

Oh my gosh, did I just name a post after a Pat Benatar song? Yikes.

Here's a little story about Southern California most people don't know.  When Walt Disney was thinking up his grand idea known as Disneyland it came time to build the hotel next to the park.  He went to his creditors and asked for a loan and they said "Walt, we love you but your money is kinda funny."  So he does what we all do when our money is kinda funny, he went to his friends.  He first called up actor Art Linkletter.   Art was a great visionary, he heard the plan and said "This isn't going to work."  Then years later he would walk in front of the Disneyland Hotel and with each step he would think "Theres another million I missed out on."  

Wedding Photography Image from Lifetime Images

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Created: Friday, 25 April 2014

El Adobe is Certified Fresh!

The website is bouncing back fiercely!  After years of working on computers the one thing I can tell you with certainty is that sometimes your operating system gets to a point where it's so clogged that it has to be reinstalled.  Website databases are like that as well.  I started redoing the website exactly one month ago and after about ten days most of it was done.  However it was a mess.   I had to get back to editing weddings so for a couple of weeks I had a note in the Wedding Venue Review section stating that we'd be back to it.  El Adobe is certified fresh!
One of the venue review I had written just before the website went through it's transition was one for El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano.  I recall at the time telling Chef Bobby about it.  I've never been so excited about a wedding venue review that I've brought them up in random conversations with a friend.  "It's that place where the roof opens up" he said.  Seems plenty of people have been to it.  But we've all overlooked how spectacular the history is of this place.  If El Adobe was human it would be Forrest Gump.  Not in the mentally challenged way, but because it has so much American history associated with it.

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Created: Friday, 21 March 2014


Almond Joy

 Joy in a rare mellow moment
My wife walks into my office one afternoon about a week ago with that look in her eye, and her cell phone.  What she was about to show me was going to rock our world for the week and be one of the best things that could happen to us, even if it meant losing some sleep.

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Created: Friday, 11 April 2014


Website Reboot, things are getting better!


What do Michael Kors, Hollister UK, Monsters Beats,  Oakley and a few other companies have in common?  They ruined my old website! Lifetime Images old website suffered a slow death.  The problem was that spambots hit our website and filled out the contact form sometimes 40 times a day!  Our database got loaded and then compromised with the spam. Now our contact form though not that exciting has a verification code at the end of it.The Grand Long Beach Event center bride.

The old website was actually started at a previous hosting company. It's foundation wasn't that great  The site was slow and had problems.  I didn't really want to add content to it because it was a mess.  It was like the old website was like a beach house on the ocean.  There's an amazing view and you really wanted to invite your friends over.  But you have a crazy roommate and  you don't feel comfortable having guests over with him around.   That's how I felt about the website.

This website is new, rebuilt from the ground up.  The articles moved over but some of the links have changed.  Some of the images are missing (we're looking for problems as they arise) and various other small problems persist.   We actually have a developer working on the site to help fix these issues. Some things have changed.   The site load amazingly fast on PC's, but needs help on phones.   The Wedding Venue Review section is being worked on.  There are actually some reviews that have been offline for a while that will come back.  It's actually going to be a very cool section, and very attractive, it sucks for the time being.   I am getting to it.   This project of the website conversion was supposed to take two weeks, I did it in around four days.  

The real story here is that this website is about moving forward.  I have so much to share, so many images, so many stories, so much cool stuff that I wanted to have a website that can display it all.  Not something that is crippled.   I also wanted the user experience to be night and day better.   As we roll into the busy time of the year for weddings and photography I wanted a website that will allow me to show what I've been up to.  I am super excited about the rebooted  Though it it may look similar to the old site. it's an amazing step forward!



Created: Thursday, 13 March 2014


At home with Chef Bobby Hathaway

 Photography by Lifetime Images
As the door opens on the Fullerton home of Chef Bobby Hathaway he greets you with a warm smile and a hug.  "There are only two rules about my home, first is that the bathrooms are over there and there's drinks in the fridge, and the second is to make yourself at home."  His white picket fence lined yard stands as an island sandwiched in between two apartment buildings across the street from a bike shop and near movie theaters and  small restaurants.  His wife Mary stands in the background, holding her breath.  It's a big day, a cooking lesson and photo session.  Their two male boxers were sent over to Bobby's sister's house for a play date with her dog.  There was simply too much going on in to have them running around.

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