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701 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California, United States 90831

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 There are a number of reasons why I am found of Long Beach, CA to host a wedding.   The weather is fantastic! It's on the coast, and it's very, very easy to get to.  One of the other reasons is,  consider this, if you have family and friends coming in from all over Southern California, Long Beach is the one place you can drive to in less than 90 minutes.  Downtown San Diego to Long Beach is 90 minutes, Woodland Hills is around an hour, and far, far east San Bernardino is under 90 minutes.  These figures of course change during rush hour.  But when people leave your wedding reception at 11:00 PM at night the freeways are usually clear. 

One of the grand hotels in Long Beach, The Hilton hasn't really been a player for many years when it came to weddings.  It had one large ballroom that was too large for around 95% of the weddings, and sadly, people would often have their wedding guests stay at the Hilton but would hold their wedding elsewhere.   Thanks to the most recent renovation, things are changing.  They now have other rooms which are smaller and are ideal for your typical wedding.  They also have a new Catering Manager who seems eager to make things happen.  Thus, I say, if you are considering Long Beach as a place for your wedding, be sure to check out the Hilton.   It's c
onveniently located adjacent to the World Trade Center and near both Los Angeles and Long Beach International Airports, the Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center hotel is ideal for both business and pleasure.
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What Type Of Bridal Couple Would Like This Place?

The nice things about the Hilton are that it's away from the main attractions of Long Beach.  It isn't next to the Convention Center.  It isn't next to the Aquarium, and it's not on Pine Ave.   This means less traffic and less hassle getting to this location.  Once you exit the hotel, you're right on the freeway.  This is important because often times brides need to get dressed at their hotel, leave and get married at a church, and then come back.  You can make this work so easily with this hotel.
 Of course, the property is great, the outside has many good locations for portraits with a beautiful to die for the fountain in the courtyard.  The banquet rooms are second to none. And the staff, well, here's the deal with the staff.  If you ever feel that they aren't giving you 100% at the location, feel free to call me or leave me an e-mail with your concerns.  I know the powers high up in this hotel.  That being said you will probably never, ever have to call me. This staff is amazing.  They go over and above every time.   Their hospitality is excellent.  Their attention to detail is excellent.  Their food is wonderful.    If you have other locations you are toying with signing up with and can be swayed either way.  Take my advice, you won't be sorry with the Hilton Long Beach!
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Photographic Potential

This venue has big beautiful rooms, a nice courtyard with an amazing fountain. It also has a beautiful lobby.  All in all, the photographic potential is great, if a photographer knows what he or she is doing.  If not this place will be problematic for an inexperienced photographer. 

Possible Distractions/ Work Around

The only thing you have to watch out for is clearly explaining to your guest where the hotel is located.  If they go too far that have about a ten-minute drive over the Vincent St. Thomas bridge if they are heading north on Ocean Blvd.

Overall Evaluation

What can I say?  This is a great place, don't miss out on it!
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