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Since 1999 Lifetime Images has been trusted leader in the wedding photography industry, providing affordable excellence in wedding photography.  Our photojournalistic style perfectly communicates the vision of the wedding day through powerful images perfectly capture the personality of the wedding day.  Our relaxed portrait style means brings out the very best in our clients, in fun, worry-free photo sessions.   If you have a beautiful venue, we're not going to hide you and your family under trees.  We're going to use the grounds and showcase the beauty of your venue.    Because we honor family, we go out of our way to ensure that your portraits are fantastic, because this is your legacy that we are documenting.  If you truly honor family as well, you'll be in great hands!

A few things make us stand out from the competition. First, you will not be dealing with a studio full of associate photographers.  Your wedding will not be pushed down to an associate photographer if you don't buy the top tier packages,  which is a common practice at the larger studios. There is only one primary photographer.  The work you will see is from the  same photographer who will photograph your weddings.  Second, when we come to your wedding we are ready for anything.  We can adapt to changes on the spot and produce excellent results for you regardless of what may occur.   Third, our work is a collaboration between us and our clients.  When you take on your wedding day you'll want someone on your side.  Someone who is in tune with your needs, ideas, and vision.  Someone who brings something to your wedding day, who very much appreciates the honor of photographing your wedding.

For nearly two decades we've been offering our clients wedding albums. Wedding albums started to go out of style a few years ago but bounced back even stronger.  Wedding images are too important to be communicated alongside vacation photos and photos of what people had for dinner last night.  The wedding album is your one opportunity to tell your story.   Our clients tell us that when they sit down with family and friends and narrate the story of their wedding day they can provide insight and the entire story of what happened.  This storytelling allows them far more opportunities to share their backstory, their vision, their goals and their dreams It allows them to relive their wedding day once again.  The wedding album is very powerful.    

When you compare what you get with Lifetime Images to other studios you will get a very good idea of how wonderfully affordable we are. That's why we've been shared with family and friends for as long as we've been around.  The only problem is that when we book a wedding date, the date is gone.  Please contact us as soon as possible to inquire about your wedding date. 

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