Royal Vista Golf Course

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 Royal Vista Golf Course is located in Walnut, CA. Wedding Photography by Lifetime Images Photography 2013. All rights reserved

20055 Colima Rd, Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 595-7441




The first thing that comes to mind about  Royal Vista Golf Course is the term “hidden in plain sight.”  If you haven’t heard anything about this place don’t worry, you’re not alone.  I can nearly walk to this venue from my house and I still get lost finding it even though it’s extremely easy to find.  If you’ve driven up and down the 60 before you may notice the 'Fairway Drive' exit either before or after you hit the 57 freeway.   Here’s your first clue, “Fairway” as in golf course fairway.  If you have an inclination of where this area is located then you are nearly to Royal Vista Golf Course.  My advice, get off the freeway and check it out!
 Royal Vista Golf Course is located in Walnut, CA. Wedding Photography by Lifetime Images Photography 2013. All rights reserved
Royal Vista Golf Club wins the award for having the least impressive website so take it with a grain of salt.   I can tell you firsthand that the website doesn’t do this place justice.    It’s been remodeled and though parts of it can still use a little updating on the outside, inside I love this place!  The recent remodel has brought this venue up to battle with other local venues.   This is a place that you can host a wedding at without fear of embarrassment.  And since it’s so close to the 60 and 57 freeways it's centrally located.  If you’re having a church wedding and want to keep the drive to the reception under half an hour you can go as far as  Long Beach,  most of South Orange County, well into Los Angeles nearly to the valley,  and out to Riverside.   Thus this is a very practical venue due to its proximity.  
It holds up to 650 people!
With the improving economy,  the drive to bring up the guest list has started again.   In some cultures, a 400+ person wedding reception is fairly common.  There are many places that claim they can handle up to 400 people.  The standard sized table is a 72" round table.  These things are huge and take up a lot of space.  Often they are crammed together without much space between tables to accommodate large receptions.    The giveaway is the term "Up to."  As in, we can serve "Up to" 400 people.   My rule of thumb is to dail back the "Up figure" by 20% and that's what the room can comfortably hold. Thus a 400 person room can comfortably hold around 320 people or 32 tables.  Since this room boasts of 650 people I would suggest that it will hold 52 tables comfortably.  Thus, this is a venue that can comfortably accommodate 500 people.  If you can't cut your guest list at 500 people it's time to elope!     Once you start getting over 250 guests at your wedding the number of places that realistically can host your reception starts to fall off.  When you get over 400 the list gets very short.  Once you get over 500 guests there isn’t a lot of places that can handle this, maybe less than ten in driving distance of Royal Vista.
Reasonable minimums-
The minimum for the big room is $10,000 which is very reasonable for the potential this room offers.  I’ve seen venues that aren’t nearly as nice that have higher minimums.  The smaller room has a $6,000  minimum which makes this reasonable for smaller weddings.  That room can hold up to 160 people thus if your guest list is currently under 130 you should consider using this room.
Large Bridal Room-
The one thing I hate is small bridal rooms.   It seems to be common for venues to use old pantries or small storage rooms to be the bridal room.   This venue has a large bridal room which is great and it also has a groom’s room.  Guys need a place to get together on their own before the ceremony thus this is a fabulous feature.Royal Vista Golf Course is located in Walnut, CA. Wedding Photography by Lifetime Images Photography 2013. All rights reserved

What type of bridal couple would like this place?

As brides go rushing in and out of golf venues they may start to feel a bit frustrated.  There was a trend for golf courses that started in the 1950’s that moved on until the 1970s where they went up so quickly that it seemed like the clubhouses were made in a factory.  If you go over to Diamond Bar Golf Course which isn’t that far away you’ll know exactly what I am talking about, I can show you ten other venues in Southern California that have the identical look and feel.  
Royal Vista is slowly being upgraded.   A few years back it was a cheesy golf course that people mostly ignored.  But now with the upgrades, it is catching people’s attention.  Instead of tearing down the clubhouse like they did in Anaheim Hills Golf Course they have decided to fix it up and improve the existing structure.  Thus, what you have is a venue that is nicer than most golf courses in the area.  
The main ballroom has this dance floor that gives this room a classic noir vibe.  I haven’t seen anything else like it.  If you are modern and want an all white dance floor there are other venues to see.  If your tastes are refined and a bit classical this place is perfect! 
The greenery outdoor is to die for.  I don’t know who the groundskeeper is but he’s doing a wonderful job.  There are so many great photo spots at this venue.  The fountain has been around for years, and yes it’s nice, but there are newer and even better spots to use.

Photographic Potential

Moving around the grounds I see that this venue has a lot to offer.  It has different looking backgrounds so you have the potential to not get stuck with the same images over and over again in your bridal album.    The grass is in great shape which you can probably care less about, so why even mention it?  Because trashy grass looks horrible in your wedding images. I’ve had to paint dead grass green many times in wedding albums.  The grass is such a lovely shade of green, it’s perfect for photography if you have a photographer with a strong enough flash to balance the foreground with the background.    There are nice staircases, multi levels, a neat glass interior downstairs.  Overall I really like it!

Potential problem, workarounds

This is a venue that can get very warm in the hottest days of the summer.  Thankfully they have an air conditioning system that doesn’t quit.  The front of the venue is just alright for photography, there are so many nicer spots but they can be a bit of a hike downstairs. If you have people they don’t want to move around a bit for the sake of nice photography then you may have a problem.  .  Some parts of the venue look a bit older.  This isn’t a deal breaker, it’s just to make you aware that some parts of the venue (like the ballroom) are nicer than others.

 Royal Vista Golf Course is located in Walnut, CA. Wedding Photography by Lifetime Images Photography 2013. All rights reserved

Overall Evaluation

There are a few really nice golf courses that have a really nice visual experience when you pull in  The one that comes to mind is Tustin Ranch Golf Course.  The outside is lovely, and the ballroom is simply okay.  Royal Vista looks more like your standard golf course from the outside, but once you get into the ballroom things get much better.
 I never ask anything from my readers more than simply suggesting that they keep us in mind for wedding photography or event photography.  With Royal Vista I am asking one more thing than normal.  Can you put it on your list of venues to look at?.  I know the owners and the staff and they are really a great group of people.  They don’t get the exposure they need online so I am suggesting more than I normally do to check this place out.  They will work with you, your budget and make you feel important and welcome.  It may not sound important now, but five years from now you may not remember how good the food was at your wedding.  But you’ll remember how well the event came off and how well the staff treated you.  
The images displayed on this page can be found in our Momentum Series M2 package demo album.  
Royal Vista Golf Course is located in Walnut, CA. Wedding Photography by Lifetime Images Photography 2013. All rights reserved


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