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The Grand (Long Beach, CA) Wedding Photography


Wedding at the grand long beach CA-www.lifetimeimages.com

This is an example of the M1 with an extra ten pages.  This is another legendary beautiful LTI Bride.  Except, one thing.  As luck would have it poor Nicole got food poisoning the night before.  If you've ever had it before the only thing you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep.  Nicole hung in there and gave it her best effort.  Perhaps you wouldn't have noticed anyway but I was really impressed how well she did.  She started to run out of steam the last twenty minutes of her reception. Other than that she seemed fine.   


The Grand in Long Beach is a place I went to a couple of times last year.  It's been a very, very long time since I've been there for a ceremony and they've certainly changed the grounds.  We were in the largest ballroom that night.  It was large, interesting and the staff seemed to hang in their with the wedding day.  The groom is a music producer.  At one point he played his love song he wrote for his wife  and they danced to it. 


This was a Sunday wedding but it rocked like it was a Saturday wedding.  When the couple left the room was still fairly full of people, not many people took off which is usual for a Sunday wedding.   Overall it was a fun crowd and nearly a perfect day in Long Beach.  Long Beach is one of my favorite places for weddings.  If you are in Long Beach checking out the Grand (which is nowhere near the water) be sure to check out La Palapa's Del Mar room.  




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