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Do you travel?

We’ve been to Maui, Mexico, Arizona, Oregon,  Washington and Las Vegas  to cover weddings.   We prefer to drive versus flying to wedding destinations, but we're open to working anywhere in the US.

How many images do you take?

It varies from wedding to wedding, the range is between 1000 to 3000 images.  Our best estimate is 300 images an hour.

What is your style of photography?

 It's the perfect blend of captured moments and relaxed portraiture.  

How do your packages work?

When it comes to wedding photography we have a few different ways of approaching your wedding.   We can handle a small backyard wedding that only requires a few hours of coverage that is reasonably priced to large, elaborate weddings that need multiple photographers.   Chances are your wedding will fall somewhere in-between. We have a good/better/best model for coverage.  We work with you on the right level of coverage and the right number of hours.
If you would like a wedding album we have the best selection of wedding albums available.  With our 20 years experience making wedding albums we'll make you a dream album.  Wedding albums are optional and currently we don't include them with any package.

What are your prices?

Wedding photography starts off at $300 for small, simple wedding coverage.   Our prices are simple and straightforward.  

Do we get high-resolution images with any package?


Where are you located?

Twenty miles east of Fantasy Land! We are right outside of Yorba Linda in a south western corner of Chino Hills.   

How do your payments work?

We take   cash, check, money orders, PayPal and Monopoly money.  Okay, not  Monopoly money, but all that other  stuff is fine. All payments need to be made prior to your wedding day. 

The contract

When you meet with us we realize that you may have a few people to  coordinate with before sign up.  We don't put pressure on you to sign up on the spot.   What we will do is hold your wedding date for two weeks.   That should be ample time to read your contract, ask questions, and get approval from all interested parties.  Sorry we can only accommodate holding dates  for 14 days.   If they get it in past this time they run the risk of losing their date.  Only with a signed contract and appropriate retainer is the date secured.


We use Paypal.  The good news is that PayPal takes Visa, Mastercard,  Discover and American Express.  

Sales Tax

There is sales tax charged whenever you receive anything physical.  We have ways of getting you your images without having to worry about paying sales tax if you're looking for wedding photography coverage only. 

How do we start the process?

Please call us at 909-606-5887, or send us an e-mail.  If you have a small wedding we can handle most of your planning over the phone.  If you're having a larger wedding or are simply keen on planning we'll schedule a meeting.  

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