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Update: 2013

February 3, 2012 the sale of this property occured by the diocese of Orange.  The new name is "Christ Cathedral."   Crystal Cathedral will still operate out of this facility until 2015.  This church going from Protestant to Catholic is a bit  ironic if you follow English history.   Yet over the years I've seen churches change names, change affiliations and simply go under.   Yet, I've never seen it on such a large scale. This review will update when we get the opportunity to work at the new Catholic church down the road.


 Crystal Cathedral Wedding Photography. 2


Nestled in the center of a 40 acre, beautifully landscaped campus is the 9 story Crystal Cathedral, one of Southern California’s most spectacular wedding settings. It has been rated as “One of the most popular wedding spots in Orange County year after year!” - Orange County Register.
Because of the diversity of the Crystal Cathedral’s world renowned wedding and reception locations and  the service-oriented staff we offer, we are confident we will be able to provide you with the wedding experience you have always dreamed of. Crystal Cathedral Wedding Photography

Our perspective

Thanks to the power of television The Crystal Cathedral is more than a religious institution, it's a culture icon of Southern California.    The place isn't big, it's amazingly huge.  Even if you aren't of the Christian faith you really should see this campus, it's neat!    If you are into amazing, and want to go all out on your wedding day, this a heck of a place!

What Type Of Bridal Couple Would Like This Place?

The Crystal Cathedral in and of itself is a religious experience.   It's one of the few very large name brand churches located in Southern California.  It's also one of the few churches that aside from being amazing on the inside, is also amazing on the outside.  It's a photographic candy store, and the name is an institution that even fifty years from now you can still brag about having been married at this church.

Photographic Potential


Are you kidding?  The potential is through the roof when it comes to photography!   With all that being said, they do have some fairly strict rules that can inhibit the photography.  If you don't have a photographer who has experience with this facility and who isn't on the top of his/her game there will be a ton of missed opportunities. 

Possible Distractions/ Work Around

On the inside of the church the photographer can only photograph from two locations, and the photographer  cannot move around.    To make things worse at one point the coordinator told us that the priest who married the couple rambled on too long and thus there would be no time for photos  (most photographers would accept this at face value and move everybody outside, I didn't and we got our time).    On the outside the campus has people floating around and potentially other wedding parties.

Overall Evaluation

Only one word comes to mind, "fabulous!"  There are so many areas that work will for photography at this location, and others that aren't so hot.  There are some real hidden gems for making outstanding photography that if you want someplace that is both modern and a tad bit traditional, this is the perfect place.  If you can land the Crystal Cathedral for your wedding, then run around and give everybody high fives! 
Crystal Cathedral Wedding Photography. 3

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