Now that the website is up and running and the technical problems are mostly handled I am adding new venue reviews.  I am trying to add reviews for places that are different than hotels and golf courses.  The Pine Rose Cabins are located in Lake  Arrowhead (Twin Peaks to be exact) and offers a "Rustic" wedding experience. pine rose cabins twin peaks 18 399x600 I orignally went to this venue late in 2011 and felt that it was different enough to warrent a review.  The bridal couple I had at this venue seemed to like it.  The bride menioned that  the wedding coordinator was more like a banquet captain than a wedding coordinator.  She also said that to stay overnight before the wedding was something like $1500. To be fair, there are rooms close to Pine Rose Cabins that go for a lot less per night.    The venue does offer a distinct beauty though it may be a bit too close to nature for many of my clients. 

 The mountain communities are close enough to be considered somewhat local and yet far enough away so that it takes time and money to get to the resort.  I mentioned in the venue review  that it can be considered a local-destination wedding.    There are a some really nice places located the Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead  cities that may be worth checking out and this review is the first of a few that I will add to give readers the details on what a mountain wedding can be like.  


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