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Hotel Laguna Wedding Photography

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This is a  client layout the from  a M2.  This was a wedding at Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach.  If you've been to Laguna Beach you've probably driven by this hotel many times but it is located in such a tight part of Downtown Laguna Beach that you may not have noticed it.   The Gazeebo was located in the middle of the hotel property.  The city street is up front and the beach is in the back.  The client had only one image that she wanted placed in the layout that was a bit out of place (during the ceremony, see if you can find it), but we ran with it anyway.  Everything else was great! 


The front of the hotel is on a very busy part of PCH.  All the pictures with the limo were out front and we had to wait for traffic to go by to get them.   There were about 20 people in one shot screaming down to the bride which made the event kinda fun.  They made so much noise that  a wedding across the street had their bride stick her head out the window for a moment and nod to this bride.   Yes ladies, on your wedding day you don't need to be all that competative.  You won, enjoy the victory lap.


The couple was great.  The groom's son appears a lot in some of the images.  They both wanted to make certain that he showed up many times.  He was a super nice kid.  I really liked this wedding.  Hotel Laguna was a nice place for a wedding.  I liked that the ceremony wasn't on the beach.  There were no people walking through the backgrounds.






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