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Black Gold Wedding Photography


This is one of the most popular demo albums we've ever made.  It's a demo of our Siena Package.   This is book made in Italy.  The layout is horizontal.  We get a lot of questions about this bride in particular.   No, she's not a fashion model but she probably could have been.    She's vegan and perhaps one of  the most grounded down to earth people you'll ever meet.  She is one of five sisters.  The oldest sister is named Stephanie.  She had a bad experience with her wedding photography so the family searched twice as hard when it was Katrina's wedding. The next oldest sister is Michelle. She used us for her wedding which took place toward the end of last year with a reception in March of 2013.  

One of the things that is a favorite about this wedding is the bridesmaids dresses against the green grass.  If you look around at other photographers websites you may notice that most of the photography takes place against buildings and under trees.  Look at how these images pop against the lake.  This is because we use more powerful flashes than most photographer use to photograph weddings.  It fills in the shadows so very nicely.

This wedding is now over a year old and this couple is still madly in love.  It's like every day is their wedding day!    As for the two remaining  sisters one is 13 and the other is a high school senior.   My favorite story about Katrina was that I drove her to her wedding from her aunt's house.   She told me that she dated the jocks and the male model types but figured that a guy who has his act together and is going places is the most attractive thing in the world.  Troy is a graduate of UCLA and is going places in life.  But most importantly he treats Katrina extremely well.  His face lights up when she enters the room.  And she smiles right back at him.  I love this album, you can't have a bad day when looking at it!



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