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In the beginning. . .

The Home Depot Parking Lot

In the first few years of business I had a sign on my truck that said “Lifetime Images Photography” and a phone number. I was putting wood into the truck early one morning in a Home Depot parking lot when a woman pulled up and said her daughter was getting married and asked for a business card.   I didn’t have one. Even better, i had literally rolled out of bed about an hour before and was just a mess.  The woman wrote my phone number down on the back of her checkbook and drove off. I thought “That’s the last I’ll ever see of her again.”  I made a very poor impression.

About a week later I got a phone call from a gal named Tonia “My mom met you in a parking lot.”   Not only did I photograph her wedding but more of her friends weddings as well. I lost track of the referral chain at some point but there were over 40 weddings from this one wedding. The people on the other end of the chain had no idea who Tonia was, but their friends used us, and friends of friends used as as well. 

Its one thing to say that you have satisfied customers, but wow, this is a bit mind boggling.  

The Story of Lifetime Images Photography

The company started a very, very long time ago.  We were one of the first companies to have a domain name.  We had so much fun going to weddings that we write little stories about each wedding we attended.  It was around this time that someone came up with the term “blog”

When we started to get referred around the LDS community, suddenly our dance card filled up. They were all such young, beautiful  brides that our portfolio exploded.    Unfortunately, around this time they tended to plan weddings fairly close to the wedding date. And, after a while we became so popular that we booked up long in advance.
We’ve been fortunate to see everything, people from all cultures, and all walks of life.  Every  culture, every religion, and every walk of life makes a big deal out of weddings.   When you think back on your life there are many days you simply exist, and then there are a few banner days. The days when your family and friends come together to celebrate. This is the day they celebrate you and start of your journey.  Soon, it will be simply a memory.  For 25 years we’ve been making memories of a Lifetime!

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our previous clients who have allowed us to take part in their lives, and tell their stories. We're so thankful that they've recommended us to their friends and families.